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Ian had been working out in the gym but was not seeing the results he wanted, which was to be more muscular yet leaner, or in other words lose a bit of fat and gain some muscle. But then Physical Food stepped up to the challenge and created a special program for Ian to help achieve his goal. Here’s what Ian had to say:

Many many thanks for the effort you put into the diet and program for me. I thought I’d give it a couple of weeks before I let you know how progress has been.
Well, AMAZING!! is really the only way to describe the changes. The diet thing took some getting used to but my food intake is now substantially greater and healthier. The changes that I can feel in my body have been exactly what I’ve been looking for for years!! I must have been lacking something as I have put on 1 x kilo without any changes in bodyfat percentage, so I must be growing…yeeehaa FINALLY!! Lol – Ian

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