Joe Boyle

Introducing Joe Boyle

With over 37 years of experience in the gym scene and over 20 years working in the industry Joe’s knowledge covers the areas of nutrition & supplementation for weight management, natural bodybuilding, power-lifting, competition, sports, as well as general health & fitness.

Joe has taught Aerobics, competed successfully in both Powerlifting and Bodybuilding, and served as a Bodybuilding Judge for the NABBA and INBA organisations.



Joe Boyle


  • ISSA Certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition.
  • American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer


Physical Food – Mission

Physical Food aims to help everyday people enjoy the benefits of nutrition for health and performance, with professional analysis, guidance, and programmes to get you there.


Physical Food – Service

Our weight management service begins with an initial consultation to collect personal profile data about your current body composition, goals, professional activity, exercise activity and eating habits. From this information we will be able to provide the following;

  • Estimated number of calories you typically consume.
  • Identify deficiencies in vitamins and minerals.
  • Estimated calories needed to meet your personal weight control plans
  • Provide meal plans and grocery lists designed to meet your health and fitness goals.
  • Establish a realistic date to reach your targeted body weight goal.
  • Educational and motivational handouts.

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